Where To 10 6Favorite places in Where To? are great to save great restaurants, shops etc. so you can find and navigate to them later easily. The new Where To? 10.6 also lets you add addresses and contacts to your favorite places.

Just use the + button to search for any address or contact and pick it as a favorite. Of course, you can also search for any place name or search places using a category such as “Pizza” or “Supermarkets”.

The update also adds information about ♿︎ wheelchair accessibility for a number of places, particularly in Germany.

Among others, we also fixed a comically weird bug where textual driving directions where displayed in Catalan for users in Canada. Lesson learned: One must not mix up country and language codes (both are ca in this case)!

As always, download the update at an App Store near you. Have fun with the update and if you’ve any feedback or wishes, please let us know!

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