6th Annual Best AppEver Awards WinnerYou, our dear users, have spoken: You voted Where To? the “Best Travel App” at the 6th Annual Best AppEver Awards. Thanks a lot for your support!

We feel honored and are delighted to receive this recognition. It’s a big incentive to make Where To? even better! Speaking of that, the next version of Where To? is shaping up nicely. We’re working full-steam on this update and can’t wait to show you the fruits of our labor!

Even Streets, our Street View app launched just over a year ago, didn’t go home with empty hands. It achieved a great third place in the “Best App for Locals” category.

mercedes-icon-130.pngWhere To?iPhone and Mercedes-Benz play well together! In partnership with Mercedes-Benz, we developed a smart solution to send locations right to the car. After selecting the destination in Where To?, you can send it to the Mercedes-Benz cockpit with just a single tap. The location is displayed in the car head unit and the on-board navigation system guides you to the destination without taking the hassle of entering the address first.

To configure the connection with your car, you have to enter your COMAND Online ID the first time you send a location. Optionally, you can define Mercedes-Benz as your default routing service using the bookmark button on top of the list of apps by selecting Mercedes-Benz. This allows you to send a location to your car simply by long-tapping the directions button, skipping the app selection.

Where To? and Mercedes-Benz

To change or remove the connection with your car, you can edit the COMAND Online ID under “Advanced Settings”.

Send-to-Car for Mercedes-Benz requires a vehicle equipped with COMAND Online and the newest Where To? 6.7 update. This update also contains bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

Top App 2013 iOSWe’re proud to announce that Streets has made it among the most popular apps of the year at CHIP Online! You’ll find it at rank #41 in the Top 100 photo gallery (text in German).

BREAKING: Santa spotted

It’s official: Santa Claus is real. We’ve spotted him on Streets1) in North Pole, Alaska!

We do hope he’ll get to work now quickly and deliver all the gifts to you in time!

With that we’d like to wish you all a very merry christmas, relaxing holidays and a great start into 2014!

1) Both Streets and Where To? are on sale over xmas – in case you’re searching for a last minute gift. ;-)

Grüezi Zürich!

Where To?Where To? now supports the free ZVV-Fahrplan app for public transport directions in the Zurich area. This brings the total number of supported directions apps up to 42! While this is certainly the answer to the ultimate question of life, we strive to increase this number even further. If there’s a specific directions app you’d like to see supported in Where To?, please let us know!

In other news, we’ve recently released the Where To? 6.5.3 update with the following release notes:

  • Improved: brands marked as favorite are shown as favorite even if in another category (ex: mark “McDonalds” as favorite in Fast Food. It’s now also shown as a favorite in “Any Restaurant”)
  • Improved: selected brands marked as favorite in the brands chooser are shown with a checkmark, not the favorite star
  • Fixed: share sheet in AR mode wasn’t shown
  • Fixed: Food & Drink category grouping: “Any restaurant” messed up grouping of “A”
  • xmas.jpg
  • Fixed: various memory issues
  • Fixed: various race condition crashes

By the way, if you’re searching for a last minute Christmas gift, you might want to check out Where To? and Streets. Both are on sale right now!

Tube Tracker IconTube TrackerWe’re happy to announce that Where To? is now compatible with Tube Tracker, the popular London Tube app.
No matter what place in London you’ve chosen in Where To? – with Tube Tracker you can request the next Tube connection in just a snap.

I personally like the ease of use and beautiful UI of Tube Tracker. It’s hands down the best Tube app out there!

Andy Drizen, developer of Tube Tracker, adds:

Where To? provides such an intuitive and fun experience for finding nearby locations, and I’m proud that Tube Tracker will now be available to help plan the journey.

For destinations in Greater London Tube Tracker is now listed under the directions apps. No Where To? update required but make sure to update to the newest Tube Tracker 2.5.3 or higher!

Retrieve iOS device colors

I recently came across a private API to find out the hardware device color of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There are two color values, the DeviceColor (front side) and the DeviceEnclosureColor (bezel/back side). The latter is not supplied in all cases. Here’s the code to retrieve these values:

UIDevice *device = [UIDevice currentDevice];
SEL selector = NSSelectorFromString(@"deviceInfoForKey:");
if (![device respondsToSelector:selector]) {
    selector = NSSelectorFromString(@"_deviceInfoForKey:");
if ([device respondsToSelector:selector]) {
    NSLog(@"DeviceColor: %@ DeviceEnclosureColor: %@", [device performSelector:selector withObject:@"DeviceColor"], [device performSelector:selector withObject:@"DeviceEnclosureColor"]);

In a joint effort, we collected the values for most devices (thanks to all contributors!).

Peter Maurer finally mentioned the file system location for artwork of the various iOS devices:


With this knowledge at hand I decided to write a small demo app that displays the artwork and the device colors and lets you share them. Unfortunately, this uses a private API, so don’t use this in App Store builds as your app will get rejected!

Nevertheless I can imagine various interesting use cases to match the interface UI with the hardware color. So if you’d like to see this in a public API, feel free to dupe my radar.

Where To?Where To? 6.5 is now available for download. We’ve fixed some iOS 7 issues as well as general issues with content details such as opening hours, pictures and reviews. We haven’t updated the UI for iOS 7 yet. This will be part of a complete UX overhaul in Where To? 7 and will take some months.

We didn’t just fix bugs, we’ve added something new for everyone:

    En DE iphone5 portrait WhereTo postboxes 2b
  • We’ve increased the number of places with a description text.
  • The Google Maps app is now supported for directions
  • Under “Services” we’ve added the “Post Boxes” category listing more than 140k post boxes world wide and almost 50k in Germany alone (currently in Beta). For some of them collection times are available, too.
  • If you’re based in Germany you’ll benefit from a new cooperation we’ve signed with Gelbe Seiten. Several categories are now fed with search results from our yellow pages friends. What’s the result? You’ll enjoy more relevant search results and more details such as opening hours, descriptions and email addresses. As a Where To? user you get the best from many worlds: Gelbe Seiten results are combined with photos and reviews from Google users as well as Where To? users.
  • Places or reviews shared on Facebook now deep-link to the Where To? app if installed. So it’s is a great way to share your favorite places with your friends who can add them easily to their own Where To? favorites.

Go grab the update from the App Store and – as always – please do us a favor and rate again – thanks!

If you’re in Berlin in the next three months, watch out for the world’s first app street car! Now rolling on the M10 line connecting Berlin’s best party locations, the train carries 45 App Store app icons. Streets is all about great street views – so we’re proudly supporting this project.

Even better, you can win a free copy of Streets just by tweeting a picture of the App Store train! Make sure the Streets icon is clearly visible, add some nice words and copy @StreetsApp. The first 10 responders win!

In other news, our introductory sale will end soon. Grab your copy now and save 50% until the end of July!


Streets 2.0.2

StreetsA new Streets update is available. This time we focused on stability improvements and bug fixes. Also we changed the way we link back to the Maps application: Now, we don’t change the map type (Map, Satellite, Hybrid) in Maps according to the selected type in Streets.

Download the update on the App Store now. And remember: through the end of July, Streets is available at the introductory price of $0.99. After that it’ll cost $1.99.

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