Daniel WalterDaniel Walter, 14 year old student from Hesse, Germany, was challenged to give a talk in his geography high school class. He didn’t have to think long to come up with his subject, an introduction of Where To?, one of the most used apps on his iPhone: “I’m using the application so often in my daily routine that I worked really hard on my PowerPoint so I could impart the application the best way to my classmates.”

Daniel shared the PowerPoint presentation with me and I was totally impressed by his work. A great presentation supports the speaker by visually illustrating and explaining the talking points without distracting the listener with overly excessive animations. Daniel just found the right balance. With the well-structured content including screencast videos to demonstrate the app, a tasteful design and fluid animations, his presentation was just awesome.

We’re honored that Daniel selected Where To? for his talk and wish him all the best! His teacher was just as impressed as we are and rated his performance with a 1, the best score in the German school system.

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