Since the introduction of the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, keyboards on iOS are becoming more popular. iOS 9 makes keyboard usage more convenient by showing a nice cheat sheet of all supported keyboard shortcuts when holding down the ⌘-key. We now support keyboard navigation, too. The following keyboard shortcuts are available in Streets 3.1:
↑←↓→move the map Streets Keyboard Shortcuts: Map
+ and –zoom in and out
Open the panorama
⌘LGo to current location
⇧⌘DDrop pin
⌘DMark as favorite
⌘1 ‑ ⌘4Switch to Map, Hybrid, Satellite, or Terrain mode
escGo back to map Streets Keyboard Shortcuts: Panorama
↑←↓→Move the panorama
+ and –Zoom in and out
⌘↑ ⌘← ⌘↓ ⌘→Step to next panorama
⎇↑ ⎇← ⎇↓ ⎇→Move the mini map
⎇+ and ⎇-Zoom the mini map
MExpand Mini Map
spaceFull screen
⌘IShow details
⌘DMark as favorite
← →Switch tabs (Favorites / Recents / Gallery)
↑ ↓Previous or next row
Select Place
In addition to keyboard navigation, Streets 3.1 writes EXIF metadata when saving panorama images to the photo album, so the panorama’s location is retained. Finally, we improved user location search by showing the current address, not the address of the nearest panorama and fixed several small bugs. Grab Streets 3.1 from the App Store now and don’t miss to subscribe to the FutureTap newsletter for the latest news and app #ProTips!

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