Since the very first version of Streets, our ambitious goal was to deliver the best Street View browser on iPhone and iPad – an app dedicated to discovering, navigating, storing, and sharing the popular 360° street level views.

After months of hard work, after having received great and valuable feedback from our beta testers, we’re finally shipping Streets 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


Streets 3 features an all-new user interface fully optimized for iOS 9. We put a lot of effort into the panorama viewer. It’s not only more fluid and the perspective more realistic. We also improved how to navigate from panorama to panorama. The arrow buttons to step through panoramas oftentimes don’t cut it. So we invented a new, interactive and expandable mini map in the corner that lets you move to a new panorama easily. Street View coverage is indicated in blue, while businesses offering indoor panorama views are designated in orange.

Panoramas can now be viewed full-screen and marked as favorites that are automatically synced between devices.

Streets always included a list of Gallery Places, special locations you may never otherwise had a chance to experience. The new Gallery Browser lets you select from various categories such as Museums, Science and Technology, Monuments and more. Discover the breath-taking view at the Grand Canyon, take a peek at the Atlantis space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center, or view a masterpiece in Amsterdam’s van Gogh museum! Gallery places also include background information such as descriptions and links.

Streets For Apple WatchApple Watch App

Streets 3 also includes the world’s first Apple Watch app that lets you view full 360° panoramas right on your wrist. Just use the Digital Crown to navigate within a panorama. The watch app automatically syncs favorites and recent searches with the iPhone, so the latest Street Views are always available for viewing. Or you can start a search using your voice. The Gallery Browser is also available on the Apple Watch, offering the ability to view the various Gallery Places.

Features Galore

The features I described are just the tip of the iceberg. So for the curious, here’s the complete list of what’s new:

  • Complete optimization for iOS 9, including an all-new user interface
  • A new interactive mini map which makes it easier to walk through panoramas
  • Supports all iOS devices with their native resolution, including iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Split View and Slide Over support
  • Mark panoramas as favorites and automatically sync them between devices
  • Switch the map to terrain mode
  • Gallery Browser offers 1000+ Gallery Places that can be browsed by categories
  • Gallery Places now offer more information, such as descriptions and additional links
  • Spotlight surfaces street panoramas in the system-wide search
  • Handoff support allows easy transfer of the current panorama between iPad and iPhone
  • Siri can create reminders with Streets panorama links

And … Action!

Here’s a video of the new Streets 3 in action:

Launch Sale

Streets 3 is a new app on the App Store. That means: Existing users need to purchase the new app again. To accommodate all our loyal users (and early birds new to the app), Streets 3 is available for $0.99 until April 15 April 25. After that the price will go up to the standard $1.99.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about the new version! Check the Streets website and grab Streets 3 on the App Store now.

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  • Andy

    wrote on April 7, 2016 at 2:48am

    Would it be possible to create an extension for use in the Apple Maps app, so one could open Streets directly from a location in Apple Maps?

  • Ortwin Gentz

    wrote on April 7, 2016 at 10:13am

    Andy, you can launch Streets from Apple Maps using these steps:

    Hope that helps.

  • Rich

    wrote on February 20, 2017 at 6:03am

    Does Streets provide a url-based API so that it can be integrated with another app? For example, comgooglemaps://?center=40.765819,-73.975866&mapmode=streetview normally launches Google Maps with street view at that location. Note: this is currently broken but it used to work and Google has been notified.

  • Ortwin Gentz

    wrote on February 20, 2017 at 2:34pm

    Rich, indeed, there is an API for Streets:
    Thanks for the reminder, I’ll blog about it soon.

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