Ortwin asked me to write this guest post, a translated version of my original post in German. Since I’ll visit Croatia this summer, I looked for prepaid SIM cards with mobile 3G/4G Internet.

The following selection came together because I looked for a vendor with good network coverage in the area (near Donji Miholjac) where I’m staying.

I have found the following vendors:

I linked to the English pages where possible to make your life easier. :-)

To make the different offers comparable, I did a calculation for a 2 week vacation with maximum Internet volume.

T-Mobile.hr (own network)

As a Telekom user in Germany my eyes fell on the Croatian colleagues there. In the package you have a Micro SIM. If you need a Nano SIM, the easiest way is to exchange it in a local Telekom shop.

One time Options Total
SIM-Card 20 kn 0 kn
Internet XL 2GB 0 kn 75 kn option for 30 days
MMS/SMS-Flat HR 0 kn 20 kn 10 kn each week
Total Kuna 20 kn 95 kn 115 kn
Total € 2.65 € 12.58 € 15.23 €
KUNA/€ exchange rate 7.55

Update 11.09.2015: If you travel to Croatia for just one week or if you need a lot of data they have a new offer. For 11 € (85 kn) you get a 7-day flat without limitation and 75 Mbit/s. Their Twitter support told me you can reactivate it after you have topped up your SIM card again. You can buy this card in a local Telekom shop. More information on their Visiting Croatia page.

Vipnet (own network)

The second vendor I found is Vipnet.hr. However, the information on the page was not easy to find. If you need a Nano SIM you can get it directly at purchase. VIP offers complete packages that strike me as very balanced.

One time Options Total
SIM-Card-Package 50 kn 0 kn for 50 kn you get:
1500 minutes/SMS budget in Croatia
1500 MB
Total Kuna 50 kn 0 kn 50 kn
Total € 6.62 € 0 € 6.62 €
KUNA/€ exchange rate 7.55

bonbon.hr (uses T-Mobile network)

A Croatian friend of mine recommended bonbon. As far as I found out, it’s in fact part of the T-Mobile.hr group, similar to Congstar in Germany. bonbon currently has a nice bonbon for tourists: “Upload your credit with 80 kn and you get a discount of 50% on a package of your choice” (extract from http://www.tourist.bonbon.hr/en/prices-packages ). Even if this offer expires sometime, it’s a really fair offer for this price (5 GB for 90 kn). Update 11.09.2015: The Price of 45 kn is now the regular Price for 5 GB of data volume.

However, bonbon doesn’t have Nano SIMs in their starter pack. After an exchange with their Twitter support (very friendly & fast) you get it as a replacement card but they send it only to Croatian addresses. The card arrives in 2-3 days, sometimes even faster.

One time Options Total

20 kn 0 kn
Internet 5GB

0 kn 45 kn current offer: 50% for the first package
1200 SMS in HR

0 kn 60 kn
Total Kuna

20 kn 105 kn 125 kn
Total €

2.65 € 13.91 € 16.56 €
KUNA/€ exchange rate 7.55

I decided to go for bonbon. Part of the reason was their friendly support.

That’s it with my short overview of mobile Internet in Croatia. If there are changes, I’ll update this post. Also, please post your feedback in the comments.

Note by Ortwin: My thanks to Arnaud for adding his experience about Croatia to our ongoing series of how to get 3G data access internationally. If you want to support his blog, he’s happy to receive some Flattrs.

Update 21.08.2015: Oftentimes it’s convenient to order a SIM card in advance. This saves you from finding and going to a local store. ebay seller crotopbrands offers Croatian SIM cards from bonbon, VIPnet and Tele2 (Croatia’s smallest mobile network but with free roaming with T-Mobile.hr).


  • Michał

    wrote on July 10, 2014 at 12:32pm

    can you please provide exact name or direct link to this Vipnet offer for 50kn?
    It really is hard to find on the website :-)

  • Arnaud Feld

    wrote on July 10, 2014 at 7:58pm

    Hey Michał,

    Just use the VIPNET-Link at the Beginning of the Blogpost and you will find directly the Way to the right Site.


  • Michał

    wrote on July 11, 2014 at 2:06pm

    Thank you! I haven’t noticed it.

  • Ale

    wrote on April 22, 2015 at 9:48am

    Vipnet got their site translated into English

  • Ortwin Gentz

    wrote on April 22, 2015 at 5:29pm

    Ale, seems they only translated their website selectively. The “Zakon! tarife” page doesn’t seem to be translated. Or did you find it?

  • Damian

    wrote on May 30, 2015 at 9:19am

    You forgot (or didn’t know) about Tele2 “Welcome to Croatia” – 1000 min within Croatia + 3GB Internet.
    As far as I remember it was 50 Kunas last year (probably the same this year). The problem is a connection fee, and you have around 20-25 kunas for it only. So that 1000 mins within Croatia it’s just a marketing move, you practically can’t use even 1/10 of it ;)

  • Arnaud Feld

    wrote on May 30, 2015 at 7:44pm

    I didn’t take them in my List because the own Network from Tele2 is not the best. They have a national Roaming with T-Mobile, but from some Friends i heard when Tele2 has a little bit network coverage then i can not correctly use the Roaming.

    That’s why I selected the 3 Provider above.

  • xpwe

    wrote on July 19, 2015 at 11:59am

    I just came back from Sibenik area, Zadar to Split. And after reading your article I wanted to get a bonbon, but they did not offer a nano sim.

    When I arrived I checked the offers and for me the best one was the T-Mobile 11€ 7 day real unlimited.

    My whole family shared my iPhone Hotspot and we had 10GB in 7 days due to iCloud Foto Sync etc.

    I decided to purchase a 2nd card for the 2nd week instead of trying to extend it. They provided a clever nano Sim with adapters for micro and regular. I used it in my iPhone 5 and my iPad (but the iPad did not allow to create a hotspot).

  • Arnaud Feld

    wrote on July 19, 2015 at 1:23pm

    hi xpwe,

    last year T-Mobile didn’t have this Offer. I have seen it some weeks ago but didn’t have the time yet to change it in the original Blogpost (and Ortwin can change it here).

  • Scribsi

    wrote on July 20, 2015 at 4:35pm

    First of all thank you for your post.
    I tried to order a simcard on bonbon website but every times it gave me an error message.
    Maybe someone had the same issue?


  • Arnaud Feld

    wrote on August 3, 2015 at 8:57pm


    Today I have ordered 2 new Sim-Cards and it works without problem. Try it again :)


  • Larre69

    wrote on August 20, 2015 at 10:40pm

    I would like to share my thoughts and opinions guys.

    Have researched about best option for affordable internet travelling to Croatia and I found out Bonbon and Telekom as best options.

    I did not know how difficult will it be to buy ANY of them.

    Every single gas station had only Tele2 or vionet.

    When I asked for bonbon/telekom they advised me to go to the centre and buy one at some kiosks/tisak.

    I went to Karlovac Kaufland and shops around and they looked me like They thiought I am crazy asking for a sim card.

    Finally I found BonBon in one very small Tisak but not the start paket but regular sim. It cost 20hrk but there were no instructions in english and also text messages from the network arrived only in Croatia. I was very unhappy. Fortunatelly, on the internet I found their customer service and they helped me with everything, even very unclear way activation of 5GB internet (only 45hrk)

    Have tried many other stores since that and 25 petrol stations and no one had telekom or bonbon.

    Be prepared for this and rather arrange everything from home and internet in advance. You can order bonbon from their website(free shipping) and contact their customer service with regards to internet package activation.

    Worthless to stop and ask for sim cards at gas stations!!!!

  • NIk

    wrote on September 24, 2015 at 2:58pm


    You can also check local company that rents 3G wifi mobile routers with unlimited data usage … roamfree.ninja. I took one this summer with my wife, and we were thrilled…exellent speed (plitvice, Hvar, on a boat to Vis and Zagreb), excellent support :)
    Most of all, we ordered device upfront, and when we came to hotel in Hvar, device was waiting for us at reception, powered it, enter key and we were connected in seconds.
    Price was 8 EUR per day, as we stayed in Croatia for 2 weeks, but it worth every cent. This was our first trip where we didn’t have to think about connecting to internet, and how much gigs did we have on account, as their option is 75 GB per week.

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