When Apple announced the big App Store cleanup last fall, we knew the days of the Where To? upgrade bundle were numbered. To recap, we offer the Where To? upgrade bundle as a way to let Where To? 6.x users upgrade to the current version at a discount. Upgrade bundles are regular app bundles comprising of an old and a new version of the app. They leverage the fact that users who have purchased one part of a bundle can complete a bundle by getting the old purchase credited and buying the bundle instead. App bundles require all participating apps to be available independently as well. This is the only reason, the old Where To? 6.x is still available on the App Store – despite not being updated and being superseded by its successor for almost 3 years.

Today, I received the inevitable email from Apple I’ve been expecting for a while now:

Where To? 6 removal notice

That means, on March 13, Apple will remove the old version of Where To? 6 from the App Store. As described in Apple’s email, this will not effect any users. The app will remain functional for current users and users will still be able to re-download the app while restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup.

However, it means the Where To? upgrade bundle will automatically be removed from sale as well. So if you’re still on Where To? 6 (with the faux leather background), you should consider upgrading to the new version 10 of Where To? with tons of new features including an Apple Watch and iMessage app. Upgrade before March 13 to benefit from the upgrade discount!

Note: For our other app, Streets, we’re offering an upgrade bundle as well. While we haven’t received a similar notice from Apple for the old version of Streets yet, we expect it at any time soon. We’ll keep you updated here and on Twitter of course.
Update, March 13, 2017: Apple has removed the old Where To? from the App Store. This caused the upgrade bundle to automatically disappear as well. To upgrade to the newest version of Where To? please buy it.

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