Whereto micromobility jpgWhere To? 12 is all about micromobility: Select a destination and go there using shared bikes, scooters and e-mopeds. It’s spring time in the northern hemisphere – time to leave the car at home and ride to your destination the green way!

In its bicycle directions view, Where To? 12 now lets you choose “Own Bike” or one of the available providers for your city. More than 120 bike & scooter providers are supported worldwide, serving 700+ cities in 47 countries. Be it Bird, Tier, nextbike or any other, just select a provider and the nearby vehicles and return locations are shown on the map. The nearest bike or scooter is selected automatically. Feel free to pick a different one according to your needs. Your complete route, consisting of walking and riding parts, is calculated, including an estimate of the total duration.

Like the convenience of electric bikes & scooters? The battery range of electric vehicles is displayed* and marked in red if the range is too short for your planned trip. On station-based systems, the number of available bikes or free docks per station is displayed. For bigger shopping tours, Where To? also integrates cargo bicycles and e-mopeds.

Booking the bike or scooter couldn’t be easier: With a single tap, the third party micromobility app is launched or installed.

Shared bikes and scooters are a great way to get hassle- and emission-free from A to B. With so many providers on the market, it just can be a bit overwhelming to select the right service – especially when you’re out of your home town. Where To? now makes it super-convenient to hop on the next scooter or bike – no matter which brand.

Also in the v12 update: we now support the “Bike Citizens” app for bicycle directions and tracking.

Download Where To? 12 and start your free 7-day Where To? PRO trial today!

* if provided by the operator.


  • Peter

    wrote on May 22, 2022 at 3:32pm

    Hallo FutureTap!
    Wie kann ich die angezeigten Apps ändern? Wir haben hier in Kassel nicht nur NextBike und Tier, sondern auch Lime und Bolt. Die werden mir aber nicht angezeigt.
    Unser ÖPNV-Anbieter ist der NVV. Die NVV-App wird mir immer wieder zum Download angeboten, obwohl sie natürlich längst installiert ist.
    Könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen?

  • Ortwin Gentz

    wrote on May 23, 2022 at 10:26am

    Hallo Peter, leider sind die Daten von Lime und Bolt für Kassel nicht als Open Data verfügbar. Du kannst Dich gern an den Kundensupport beider Anbieter wenden und darum bitten, dass sie uns einen “GBFS-Feed” für Kassel zur Verfügung stellen. Was die NVV-App angeht: Sie sollte unter “Installierte Apps” auftauchen und bei Tap darauf die NVV-App mit dem gewählten Ziel öffnen. Wenn das nicht klappt, wende Dich bitte mit Details (Screenshots etc) an whereto@futuretap.com, dann schauen wir uns das an.

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