Where To? 9

Over the past months we’ve been hard at work on Where To? adding some cool new features supporting iOS 9 goodness. Today, I’m very pleased to present to you the next major update of the app, Where To? 9.0!


First, you can now add reminders using Siri. Just open the details page of any place, then press and hold the home button to talk to Siri:

  • “Remind me about this” (German “Erinnere mich an dies hier”)
  • “Remind me about this place tomorrow” (German “Erinnere mich morgen an diesen Platz”)
  • “Remind me about this when I leave home” (German “Erinnere mich an dies wenn ich von daheim weggehe”)

You can experiment with the time and location conditions. Siri will automatically create a reminder in the iOS Reminders app, and link it to the place displayed in the Where To? app. This comes in handy if you always forget to pickup your clothes from dry cleaning, like me!

Where To? and Siri


Also new in Where To? 9 is its tight integration with the improved iOS 9 Spotlight search feature. You can now view content from Where To?, right inside iOS 9 Spotlight search. Spotlight will display categories, favorites, and last-shown places from the app.

A simple tap of the search result will instantly open Where To? and take you to the location’s entry. Alternatively you can start a turn-by-turn navigation in the Maps application by tapping the directions button.

Where To? and Spotlight

3D Touch

If you happen to be the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus you’ll love the new 3D Touch shortcut features of Where To? 9. You can access often-used features with just a firm press of your finger.

3D Touch shortcuts include:

  • Search Nearby: Immediately displays the search field
  • Your first favorite category, this defaults to “Any Restaurant”
  • Your most recently used category. For example: “Hospitals,” “Supermarkets,” etc.
  • Your most recently opened place. For example: “Yosemite,” “Disneyland,” etc.
3D Touch shortcuts in Where To?

Review Translation and Search Improvements

When you’re traveling abroad you’ll likely see reviews in foreign languages. You can now translate such reviews simply by tapping the little globe icon.

And when searching within the app you’ll see your matching favorite places as well. We also added hundreds of synonymous keywords for our categories – especially important when you dictate a search term via Siri on your iPhone or from the Apple Watch app.

Where To Review Translation

More Content and Suggest Edit

We added more than 150k landmarks, 250k mountain tops, 100k recycling facilities, 1.2m bus and train stops, and more worldwide.

Should you encounter any incorrect data it’s now easy to report it to us. Just hit “Suggest Edit” and tell us in the form what’s wrong. Closed or duplicate places, wrong categories or opening hours – just let us know and we’ll look into it.

Where To: More Content and Suggest Edit

99¢ for a Limited Time

Where To? SaleIf you’re an existing Where To? 7.x or 8.x user the update is free for you. If you’re still on an older version or not on board yet, now’s your chance to get it and save 66% as it’s on sale for just 0,99 $/€. Go grab it!

Update: Where To? jumped to #1 in the German App Store top paid charts. Thanks for your love!

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