mercedes-icon-130.pngWhere To?iPhone and Mercedes-Benz play well together! In partnership with Mercedes-Benz, we developed a smart solution to send locations right to the car. After selecting the destination in Where To?, you can send it to the Mercedes-Benz cockpit with just a single tap. The location is displayed in the car head unit and the on-board navigation system guides you to the destination without taking the hassle of entering the address first.

To configure the connection with your car, you have to enter your COMAND Online ID the first time you send a location. Optionally, you can define Mercedes-Benz as your default routing service using the bookmark button on top of the list of apps by selecting Mercedes-Benz. This allows you to send a location to your car simply by long-tapping the directions button, skipping the app selection.

Where To? and Mercedes-Benz

To change or remove the connection with your car, you can edit the COMAND Online ID under “Advanced Settings”.

Send-to-Car for Mercedes-Benz requires a vehicle equipped with COMAND Online and the newest Where To? 6.7 update. This update also contains bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

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