AR in Where To? 11Where To? 11 is the biggest update in its history. We added a ton of new features and moved to a freemium business model (more on that later).

The new Augmented Reality (AR) view visualizes nearby locations in the live camera view, on top of reality. You can point your iPhone at the street scene and view nearby shops and services without having to read a map or list. AR in Where To? works worldwide and is not restricted to a few supported cities as in the Apple Maps app.

You can can now organize your favorite places in collections, for example for an upcoming trip. You can also import collections from KML, KMZ or GPX files and share them with friends.

Navigating to a selected place is easier than ever with Where To? 11: Along with the option to get directions from more than 60 supported third party apps, the integrated wayfinder is more prominent and now also offers public transport directions, in addition to the existing car, bike and pedestrian routing.

Being a first class citizen on iOS, Where To? 11 supports dark mode, adds context menus in various places, and improves its Siri integration by letting you install a “Search nearby” Siri shortcut. When speaking the activation phrase, Siri refines the question by asking for the category you want to search for.

Widgets in Where To? 11Where To? 11 also adds configurable home screen widgets in various types and sizes. So you can show selected or the last viewed places or categories right on your home screen.

Also new in version 11 is the share sheet extension “Open Location in Where To?”. It detects addresses in text or websites but also opens places from other apps. As an example, you can open places from travel apps such as, OpenTable or Foursquare and save them in a collection. The Maps apps from Apple, Google, and others are supported, too. It also works for many websites with place information and text selections with addresses.

On the content level, Where To? 11 adds price ranges, home delivery options for restaurants, increases the number of locations with menus and reservation options and supports photos in reviews.

New business model

Where To? is now free to download and the standard feature set is free. A Where To? PRO subscription is available at $2.99/year (or $0.99/quarter) with a one week free trial. The subscription is required for the following premium features: AR, directions, favorites & collections and location reminders. If you’ve purchased Where To? 7.x – 10.x, we thank you for being a loyal customer and give you a free, lifetime Where To? PRO subscription automatically.

As a free download, it’s now easier than ever to give Where To? a try as an alternative for your location finding needs. Remember, we’re putting a strong focus on user privacy and don’t create any user tracking profiles. We’re not in the business to sell your data!

If you like the new features of Where To? 11, please consider showing your appreciation with a lovely rating in the App Store. Thank you so much!

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