Former equinux CTO launches new iPhone venture, acquires Where To app

Munich, Germany, December 16, 2008

In a transaction worth US$ 70,000 the new iPhone software company FutureTap acquired “Where To?”, the leading iPhone point of interest app. The app was acquired from day-zero iPhone developer tap tap tap after their split of the company.

The driving force behind FutureTap is Ortwin Gentz, co-founder and former CTO of equinux. equinux is best known for their quality Mac applications such as iSale, a two-times Apple Design Award winner. Based in Germany (Munich area), FutureTap today commenced operations by relaunching Where To in the iPhone App Store.

Where To brings the power of a commercial GPS “points of interest” feature to the iPhone. Where To enables users to find food, places to shop, fun things to do and much more with just a few taps. Where To includes over 600 categories and brands, so that users can find whatever they’re looking for without having to type in search terms. The new version offers German localization and newly added categories and brands.

“We’re excited to have Where To, the best point of interest app for the iPhone, back in the App Store”, says Ortwin Gentz, FutureTap CEO. “The launch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is just the beginning of our efforts to go international. And we’ve some exciting new features in the pipeline”, he adds.

“When we put Where To on the market, our biggest concern was that it would fall into the hands of someone who wouldn’t properly nurture it. But thankfully, because of Ortwin’s past experience and drive to succeed, I’m confident that the app will have a very prosperous second life”, said John Casasanta, tap tap tap CEO.

Version 1.5 is available starting today in the iPhone App Store and is being sold for $2.99 US.

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