Upgrade Notes for existing Where To? customers

Where To? 2.0 has been released Where To? 3 has been released. If you’re an existing customer of Where To?, please read the following notes carefully.

I bought Where To? after June 23, 2009

You can download the update for free in the App Store.

I bought Where To? before June 23, 2009

Due to the transfer of the app from tap tap tap / Sophiestication the app can’t be upgraded for free. You will be charged the normal price. While we know this comes at odds for many existing customers, the situation is entirely caused by Apple and it’s App Store system. Below, we explain why.


No other app is charging for updates. Why do you?
This situation is certainly uncommon in the App Store because the App Store doesn’t support upgrade pricing. The situation with Where To? is different because the app had to be transferred from the old tap tap tap account into the FutureTap vendor account. We worked with Apple for more than 6 months to find a solution to transfer the app without requiring existing customers to buy the app again. Unfortunately we’ve been left in the rain by Apple and had to transfer the app by losing the customer history.

I feel it’s unfair to be charged for an update.
Because the App Store does not support an upgrade business model, it is certainly unprecedented for iPhone apps to charge for upgrades. And we tried as best as we could to avoid doing so (see above). On the other hand, we feel the Where To? 2.0 3.x update is really worth the price, so you absolutely get the value for your money. In fact, the upgrade revenue helps us funding further development of the product. We value your business and continued support. With your purchase you helped make Where To? to the app you’re seeing today. Thank You for that!

Can’t you issue promo codes to existing customers?
Unfortunately, this is not a solution because we only get a handful of codes (50 for each release) so we could only serve an infinitesimal fraction of our customer base. Also, it would be complicated to get a proof of purchase because as a vendor we don’t get any customer data from Apple.

I want to complain.
We encourage you to let Apple know about the issues with the App Store. Please use their support form to do so. We appreciate if you don’t write negative reviews regarding the upgrade issue on our App Store page. We’re really in the same boat as you, so if you want to change anything, please write to Apple directly. Of course, you’re invited to write any review (positive or negative) about the app’s functionality!
And of course, we’re also open for any feedback.

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