FutureTap - Smart iPhone Apps

About us

FutureTap was founded in 2008 by Ortwin Gentz with the mission to create smart iPhone apps. By “smart” we mean innovative and easy-to-use apps that fully leverage the iPhone user interface concept.

FutureTap is well known for its location finder app Where To? for iPhone. Where To? has been one of the first 500 apps in the App Store when it opened its doors in July 2008. Originally developed by tap tap tap, we acquired the app in November 2008. Apple's iPhone App of the Week

Since then, the app has seen so many major updates that is has evolved into almost a completely different app. However, it sticks true to its roots and the focus on best user experience: The start screen with it’s distinguished wheel style navigation has remained almost unchanged since then (and has been plagiarized gazillion times). Where To? has been a great success so far and earned numerous awards and accolades.

In 2013, FutureTap launched Street View, an app for iPhone and iPad to bring the popular Street View panoramas back to iOS 6. It is integrated with Where To? and the iOS Maps application.

About Ortwin Gentz

Since 15 years Ortwin has been a bootstrapped entrepreneur in the Mac and iPhone scene. FutureTap is actually Ortwin’s second startup after he cofounded equinux, a well-known Mac software vendor, in 1999 and served as their CTO for almost 10 years. When he’s not cooking up new apps and features, he occasionally writes for computer magazines or holds conference talks about Cocoa development. Ortwin received his diploma in computer science from TU Munich and lives in the south-western outskirts of Munich, Germany, with his wife, two boys and Aussie Lilly.

The Team

To create all the magic we rely on a great team. First and foremost, there’s Wolfgang Bartelme who has been involved in all our design work, both for the Web site and our apps. It’s a pleasure working with him and he impressed us countless times with his creative ideas.

Good friend and fellow Cocoa developer StuFF mc (his real name is so complicated he rarely uses it himself!) has done a lot of Ruby on Rails work on our backend side.

On the app development side, major parts were developed by Christian Lier and Winnie Teichmann, both of whom have taken different paths and aren’t available for us anymore, much to our chagrin. Recently, we added Markus Thielen to our development team to help us get Street View out of the door.

Not to forget, we’re supported by a great bunch of people all over the world who help us localize Where To? in the 11 languages and even more regions it currently supports. In alphabetical order: