I recently had a chat with John Casasanta of tap tap tap and – among other things – we discussed how things were going with Where To?, the app we acquired from them 2.5 years ago. He invited me to write a guest post on the tap tap tap Blog about how the acquisition worked for us and how the app evolved since then. Instead of writing a lengthy text, we created this info graphic showing our great ride so far. Of course we don’t want to deprive you, dear FutureBlog reader, from watching it:

Where To? Info Graphic
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A big thank you to all our users! With your support you helped to continuously improve Where To? over all these years! Here’s to another 3 awesome years!

To celebrate the first three years on the App Store, Where To? is on sale for 99¢ (66% off its regular price) until Sunday! Make sure to grab a copy today!

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