We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. You help us tremendously by checking them before contacting us. If you have the old Streets 2.x, please consult the Streets 2.x support page.

Questions & Answers

How can I launch Streets from the Maps app?

To display the Street View panorama for any location in the iOS Maps app, you can launch Streets from the maps app by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Directions button
  2. Select the first option to show the details (don’t tap GO)
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Share
  4. Select Transport Apps in the share menu
  5. Select Streets from the list of apps
  6. Streets will open, place the pin on the selected location and switch to the nearest panorama, if available.

Watch the video for a walkthrough:

Can I search for businesses?

The Streets search feature does not support searching for business locations. It only searches for addresses, cities, contacts, and gallery places.

However, you can search for businesses in Maps and then transfer the location to Streets.

Alternatively, you can search the business location in Where To? and watch it in Streets.

Which areas are covered?
If you haven’t yet purchased the app and want to check the Street View coverage first, here’s a map and Google’s expansion plans: Where is Street View available?
Can I delete my recent searches?

Yes. Recent searches are displayed if you haven’t entered anything in the search field yet and select the “Recents” tab. To delete them, just press the Trash button.

Your recent searches are automatically kept in sync with all your iOS devices via iCloud.

My question is not listed here

No worries, we’re glad to help! Just shoot us an email.

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