Following the recent demise of the Where To? upgrade bundle due to Apple removing the old version of Where To? from the App Store, the same thing will happen soon with the Streets upgrade bundle. Apple informed us that Streets 2, the old version of Streets, “has not been updated in a significant amount of time” and will be removed within 30 days.

The only reason we still keep the old version in the App Store is to offer an upgrade bundle which requires the participating apps to be available individually.

What does this mean for users of Streets 2.x?

Until May 3, 2017, you can still benefit from a discounted upgrade to the new version of Streets. Streets 3 features an all-new, more fluid user interface with realistic panorama perspective, a full-screen mode, easier navigation using the interactive mini-map, panorama favorites, an Apple Watch app and much more. The upgrade pricing is applied automatically by the App Store (“Complete My Bundle” is shown) if you’ve purchased Streets 2 at regular price in the past.

After May 3, 2017, you can still buy the regular version of Streets 3 and your recent searches from Streets 2 will automatically be imported in Streets 3. After that, you can safely delete Streets 2 from your device.

If you decide not to upgrade, Streets 2 remains on your device and can still be re-downloaded while restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup. However, Streets 2 is no longer maintained and won’t receive any updates.

What does this mean if I’m on Streets 3.x already?

Nothing will change for you! Streets 3.x is the current version that will receive regular updates as usual.

Update, May 4, 2017: Apple has removed the old version of Streets from the App Store. This caused the upgrade bundle to automatically disappear as well. To upgrade to the newest version of Streets please buy it.

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