In Where To? 12.6.1, we added a number of third party public transport directions apps:

We’ve also integrated MOBIX in our bike directions. With MOBIX, users will be rewarded with MOBIX Miles for every bike or scooter trip they take.

In terms of shared bikes and scooters, we continue to expand our coverage and added the following providers with realtime vehicle locations:

  • Ella (🇩🇪)
  • figas (🇵🇹)
  • Goon (🇫🇮)
  • Manbis (🇹🇷)
  • Roovee (🇵🇱)
  • Tuul (🇪🇪, 🇱🇻)
  • Volti (🇻🇪)
  • Weelo (🇮🇹)
  • Yoio (🇩🇪)

Last but not least, the Where To? 12.6.1 update also contains important bug fixes.

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