“Which restaurant serves the best food?”
“Which hotel offers the best service?”

Where To? now helps to answer such questions. Much requested and new in 4.0 we integrated ratings & reviews. So if you enjoyed an especially delicious meal, time to give praise! Inform your fellows about the doctor’s unfriendly service or let them know that a boutique offers 10% off for purchases over $100.

Where To? collects ratings and reviews from all Where To? users. It also displays reviews from Google users and calculates an average rating for each place.

Also new in 4.0: You can share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know. We’ve created an awesome web microsite with the unique Where To? look & feel. So be sure to share your reviews diligently!

US users will also enjoy enhanced business listings with additional descriptions, images and special offers. More on that in the coming weeks when we officially launch the service.

Finally, we improved the place’s icon or mini map on the details page.

Don’t wait and grab the update in the App Store now. And if you don’t have Where To? yet, now’s your chance to own the best location finder for iPhone. To celebrate the launch of Where To? 4.0, we’re putting it on sale for a very limited time for a shamelessly low-priced 99¢ – that’s 66% off the normal price!

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