The Where To? companion app for Pebble is now available as a free download on the Pebble App Store. It displays the direction and distance to your selected destination so you can keep your iPhone in the pocket while walking or driving.

Once installed, you can initiate the connection from your iPhone or your Pebble:

  • On the iPhone just tap the miniature smart watch on the Details screen or select “Pebble Companion” on the Routing Apps screen.
  • Alternatively, open the Where To? app on your Pebble after selecting a place on the iPhone.

Pebble is now connected with the iPhone and shows the current direction and distance to the destination. The integrated Pebble compass is utilized, so even when moving your arm the arrow on the watch always points towards the destination. Using the up and down buttons on your Pebble you can hide or show the name of the place.

Once the connection is established, the iPhone can be kept in the pocket. Where To? automatically sends the current distance to the Pebble in the background.

To save the battery, the Pebble app automatically quits as soon as you’ve reached the destination. As a reminder it also vibrates every few minutes so you don’t keep the compass operating longer than needed. To stop the connection just close the Pebble app or tap the miniature smart watch in the iPhone app again.


Before you start, make sure to update your Pebble to firmware version 2.5 or newer which supports the built-in compass. On the iPhone, Where To? 7 is required.

If your iPhone is connected to a Pebble, Where To? indicates this by showing the miniature smart watch on the Details screen and the “Pebble Companion” entry on the Routing Apps screen. Tap “Connect” and you’ll be asked to install the Where To? Pebble app. You’re automatically transferred to the Pebble app where you can install the Where To? Pebble app.


If you have a Pebble smart watch, don’t wait and check out this feature now! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter or contact us. And if you find our app useful, please like it on the Pebble App Store and rate it on the iOS App Store.

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