The Where To? 7 Upgrade Bundle

Today, we’re delighted to introduce the Where To? 7 Upgrade bundle, a great way for Where To? 6 users to upgrade to the newest version at a discount. Where To? 7 is a separate app and thus a separate purchase.

A while ago, I came up with this idea to solve the lack of upgrade pricing on the App Store:

We were reluctant to implement this idea back then because we weren’t sure Apple liked the idea and because we had to make the old version of Where To? available again even though we cannot support it anymore. Meanwhile, our friends at Edovia and Smile launched similar upgrade bundles so we reconsidered.

How does it work?

If you’re an existing Where To? 6 user, you can use “Complete My Bundle” to purchase the Where To? 7 Upgrade bundle. So how does the App Store calculate the price for “Complete My Bundle”? – Let me explain. Put simply, it’s the cost of the bundle minus what you actually paid for any components in the bundle.

Complete my bundleExample 1:
You purchased the old Where To? at the full price of $2.99. The “Complete My Bundle” price will be $2 ($4.99 – $2.99) and you’ll save $0.99.

Example 2:
You purchased the old Where To? when it was on sale for $0.99. The CMB price will be $4. In this case, the price is higher than the full price and we recommend buying the standard Where To? 7 instead.

Rule of thumb: The upgrade bundle is for you if you purchased the old Where To? at full price ($2.99 or local equivalent).

For more information about the Complete My Bundle process, check Apple’s Complete My Bundle FAQs.

We hope this helps clear up the mystery of bundle pricing and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our existing customers. Have fun with the great new features of Where To? 7!

Where To? 7.1.1 is now available on the App Store with a ton of small improvements.


  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: More room for the map on the place details screen
  • 1Password support for the Where To? community login
  • Support dynamic text (default font size in Accessibility settings)
  • More descriptions, sometimes including links
  • Added “All Doctors” category
  • Enable Transit app for London, Berlin, Hamburg, Ulm
  • Added support for the following train/public transport apps
    • Railteam (Europe)
    • Irish Rail (IE)
    • Rutebok (NO)
    • (LU)
    • VBB iFahrinfo (DE: Berlin, Brandenburg)
    • VBN Fahrplaner (DE: Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Bremen)
    • INSA (DE: Sachsen-Anhalt)
    • emma Bodensee (DE, AT, CH: Bodensee region)
    • SWA Augsburg (DE)
  • FahrInfo Berlin and Stuttgart are back
  • Added Link to Privacy settings from in-app settings and removed redundant settings in the Settings app


  • “General Practitioners” result quality in the UK
  • More place reviews


  • Saving of settings and favorites sometimes failed when Where To? was sent to the background
  • Black screen after dismissing the integrated App Store browser under certain conditions
  • Contact picker in search field
  • Crash in send-to-car when launched as favorite routing app
  • Other stability problems
  • Various UI fixes

After you downloaded the update on the App Store why not give us some love and write a nice review? This helps us a lot to gain visibility on the App Store!

Powerlisting GlobalWhere To? now includes worldwide extended place listings with rich details such as

  • pictures,
  • videos,
  • description text,
  • business hours,
  • accepted credit and debit cards,
  • menus,
  • product catalogs,
  • biographies,
  • events, and more

These “PowerListings” are marked with a yellow tag and sometimes include special offers such as rebates and coupon codes.

Where To? + YextPowerListings are provided by our longtime partner Yext. We’re excited that launching today, Yext adds global coverage to allow businesses to build a consistent web presence for every one of their locations — in nearly every country, address format, and native language in the world.

More than 375,000 businesses, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies and top retailers, publish accurate, up-to-date, and rich information about their locations on Where To? via Yext’s network of the most prominent and innovative sites, maps, and apps across the web.

You want both our apps, Where To? and Streets, on your iPhone? Now you can save one buck when buying both apps! The “Feel like a Local” bundle is now available on the App Store.

Show DirectionsBy the way: Where To? and Streets work great together. When you’re searching a place in Where To? you can easily switch to Streets to view the street panorama of the place. Just tap the Directions button and select Streets from the list of apps. The Directions button can be found on the Details screen of a place, on the map in the bottom right or in lists by swiping the entry to the left.

#Protip: you can mark Streets as your favorite app and subsequently open it by just long-tapping the Directions button.

When you’re done watching the street panorama, you can go back to Where To? simply by tapping the back button.

Vice versa, if you’re in Streets looking at a panorama and want to search for nearby places in Where To?, just tap the Share button in Streets and select Where To?. Where To? then displays the location with a green pin on the map and you can search (or browse) for any business category.

Show street view panorama

Complete my Bundle

You already have Streets or Where To? 7.x and want to buy the other? “Complete my Bundle” comes to resuce: Your original purchase is credited and you can benefit from the bundle discount.

Either way, check out the “Feel like a Local” bundle on the App Store now!

Where To? 7.1 is now available on the App Store. It supports the native resolution of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for more content on the screen. Also it contains various optimizations for iOS 8. For instance, the swipe gesture in lists is back. It allows you to delete or fave categories, to fave places and get directions. When you long-tap the directions icon, your favorite routing app is used to for directions.

Further improvements:

  • fixed Garmin interoperability
  • VoiceOver optimizations
  • improved Pebble integration
  • general bug fixes

Download the Where To? 7.1 update on the App Store. And while you’re at it, why not leave a nice review?

Where To Swipe Actions

A short update on Streets, our Street View app: we’ve added hundreds of gallery places such as

  • the Gizeh pyramids in Egypt,
  • the Taj Mahal and many other interesting places in India, and
  • many airports and train stations worldwide

bringing the total number of gallery places to over 900. To access these places, just type the name of the country or state in the search field.

The Where To? companion app for Pebble is now available as a free download on the Pebble App Store. It displays the direction and distance to your selected destination so you can keep your iPhone in the pocket while walking or driving.

Once installed, you can initiate the connection from your iPhone or your Pebble:

  • On the iPhone just tap the miniature smart watch on the Details screen or select “Pebble Companion” on the Routing Apps screen.
  • Alternatively, open the Where To? app on your Pebble after selecting a place on the iPhone.

Pebble is now connected with the iPhone and shows the current direction and distance to the destination. The integrated Pebble compass is utilized, so even when moving your arm the arrow on the watch always points towards the destination. Using the up and down buttons on your Pebble you can hide or show the name of the place.

Once the connection is established, the iPhone can be kept in the pocket. Where To? automatically sends the current distance to the Pebble in the background.

To save the battery, the Pebble app automatically quits as soon as you’ve reached the destination. As a reminder it also vibrates every few minutes so you don’t keep the compass operating longer than needed. To stop the connection just close the Pebble app or tap the miniature smart watch in the iPhone app again.


Before you start, make sure to update your Pebble to firmware version 2.5 or newer which supports the built-in compass. On the iPhone, Where To? 7 is required.

If your iPhone is connected to a Pebble, Where To? indicates this by showing the miniature smart watch on the Details screen and the “Pebble Companion” entry on the Routing Apps screen. Tap “Connect” and you’ll be asked to install the Where To? Pebble app. You’re automatically transferred to the Pebble app where you can install the Where To? Pebble app.


If you have a Pebble smart watch, don’t wait and check out this feature now! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter or contact us. And if you find our app useful, please like it on the Pebble App Store and rate it on the iOS App Store.

Where To for Pebble
Miniature Pebble

Pebble installation

Skobbler Navi+ supportFinally, after an almost 2-day wait after the approval of the App Store review team, the Where To? 7.0.1 update has made it’s way to the App Store. The update not only brings back a localized description and screenshots in languages other than English and German but also contains bugfixes and worldwide support for Skobbler Navi+ (previously it was only available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

BlindSquare 120Also, to support the blind community beyond our Voice Over integration, places can now be sent to BlindSquare, an app specifically targeted to the visually impaired. For instance, it uses tones of different frequencies to indicate the heading the user is going.

Download the Where To? 7.0.1 update from the App Store today!

Where To? 7.0 is there

After more than one year of work we’re proud to launch Where To? 7.0 on the App Store today. It’s the biggest update ever in the history of the app. We completely restructured and redesigned the user interface – not only for the current iOS 7 but also with the upcoming iOS 8 in mind.

When we started developing this version we knew we wanted more than just some iOS 7 polish and an all-flat interface. Instead we sat down and reimagined the complete user experience of the app. We wanted the map to be more prominent, so it’s now visible almost everywhere, especially in the details of a listing. So you never lose focus of the location.

Various sophisticated animations, for instance when dealing with the new category wheel, add up to a more fluid and pleasing user experience.

Seeing is better than reading so check out the video:

If you’ve used Where To? 6 before, you’ll agree that this is almost a complete new app. And this is what we have done on the App Store: After five years of free updates Where To? 7 comes as a paid update. That means: Existing users need to purchase the new app again. To accommodate all our loyal users (and the early birds!), Where To? 7 is available for $1.99 during an introductory period of two weeks. After that the price will go up to the standard $2.99. To make the transition as smooth as possible, all favorites and settings are of course synced over to the new app.

But now let’s get to the good stuff. We not only redesigned the whole user interface but also added some great new features:

  • Details: The details page is now seamlessly integrated with the map. That means the map is now always visible, at least in part.
  • Separation of Reviews and Photos: Now there are three tabs on details pages: “Details”, “Reviews” and “Photos”. It’s not required to open a sub page anymore. The new photos browser gives more room to the photos with larger thumbnails.
  • New list view: In list views, single items can be swiped to the left to display contextual buttons. Categories and place results can be marked as favorites. For place results directions can now be opened more quickly.
  • BMW ConnectedDrive: Where To? now also works together with BMW along with Mercedes-Benz and Audi. The place information can now be sent to BMW ConnectedDrive to transfer it easily to the BMW dashboard. The cumbersome manual adding of destinations in the onboard navigation system is gone.
  • Pebble smart watch: Where To? is compatible with Pebble smart watches. The free Where To? companion app† for Pebble must be installed. Then the watch displays the direction and distance to the destination. The iPhone can be kept in the pocket while going to the destination.
    † available soon, after a required Pebble firmware update is published.
  • New sharing option: Found places could always be shared via text message, Facebook, Twitter or email. When sharing via email the address is now attached as a Vcard to easily import it. If the recipient also has an iPhone destinations can now be sent using AirDrop as well.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about the new version! Check the (new and shiny) Where To? website and grab Where To? 7 on the App Store now.

Ortwin asked me to write this guest post, a translated version of my original post in German. Since I’ll visit Croatia this summer, I looked for prepaid SIM cards with mobile 3G/4G Internet.

The following selection came together because I looked for a vendor with good network coverage in the area (near Donji Miholjac) where I’m staying.

I have found the following vendors:

I linked to the English pages where possible to make your life easier. 🙂

To make the different offers comparable, I did a calculation for a 2 week vacation with maximum Internet volume.

T-Hrvatski Telecom (formerly T-Mobile)

As a Telekom user in Germany my eyes fell on the Croatian colleagues there – Deutsche Telekom owns a majority stake in T-Hrvatski Telecom. In the package you have a Micro SIM. If you need a Nano SIM, the easiest way is to exchange it in a local Telekom shop.

One time Options Total
SIM-Card 20 kn 0 kn
Internet XL 2GB 0 kn 75 kn option for 30 days
MMS/SMS-Flat HR 0 kn 20 kn 10 kn each week
Total Kuna 20 kn 95 kn 115 kn
Total € 2.65 € 12.58 € 15.23 €
KUNA/€ exchange rate 7.55

Update 11.09.2015: If you travel to Croatia for just one week or if you need a lot of data they have a new offer. For 11 € (85 kn) you get a 7-day flat without limitation and 75 Mbit/s. Their Twitter support told me you can reactivate it after you have topped up your SIM card again. You can buy this card in a local Telekom shop. More information on their Visiting Croatia page.

Vipnet (own network)

The second vendor I found is However, the information on the page was not easy to find. If you need a Nano SIM you can get it directly at purchase. VIP offers complete packages that strike me as very balanced.

One time Options Total
SIM-Card-Package 50 kn 0 kn for 50 kn you get:
1500 minutes/SMS budget in Croatia
1500 MB
Total Kuna 50 kn 0 kn 50 kn
Total € 6.62 € 0 € 6.62 €
KUNA/€ exchange rate 7.55 (uses T-Mobile network)

A Croatian friend of mine recommended bonbon. As far as I found out, it’s in fact part of the T-Hrvatski Telekom group, similar to Congstar in Germany. bonbon currently has a nice bonbon for tourists: “Upload your credit with 80 kn and you get a discount of 50% on a package of your choice” (extract from ). Even if this offer expires sometime, it’s a really fair offer for this price (5 GB for 90 kn). Update 11.09.2015: The Price of 45 kn is now the regular Price for 5 GB of data volume.

However, bonbon doesn’t have Nano SIMs in their starter pack. After an exchange with their Twitter support (very friendly & fast) you get it as a replacement card but they send it only to Croatian addresses. The card arrives in 2-3 days, sometimes even faster.

One time Options Total

20 kn 0 kn
Internet 5GB

0 kn 45 kn current offer: 50% for the first package
1200 SMS in HR

0 kn 60 kn
Total Kuna

20 kn 105 kn 125 kn
Total €

2.65 € 13.91 € 16.56 €
KUNA/€ exchange rate 7.55

I decided to go for bonbon. Part of the reason was their friendly support.

That’s it with my short overview of mobile Internet in Croatia. If there are changes, I’ll update this post. Also, please post your feedback in the comments.

Note by Ortwin: My thanks to Arnaud for adding his experience about Croatia to our ongoing series of how to get 3G data access internationally. If you want to support his blog, he’s happy to receive some Flattrs.

Update 21.08.2015: Oftentimes it’s convenient to order a SIM card in advance. This saves you from finding and going to a local store. ebay seller crotopbrands offers Croatian SIM cards from bonbon, VIPnet and Tele2 (Croatia’s smallest mobile network but with free roaming with
Update 29.02.2016: I’ve posted a follow-up on how to activate mobile 3G/LTE with BonBon.

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