Streets Upgrade Bundles

Today, we’re happy to introduce two new bundles to the App Store:

Streets 3 Upgrade

If you purchased Streets 2 at full price, the Streets 3 Upgrade bundle allows you to upgrade to Streets 3 with 50% off the regular price. The App Store detects that you already purchased Streets 2 and you can tap “Complete My Bundle” to purchase it at the indicated price1). Then, the missing app from the bundle, the new Streets 3, will download. Your recent searches will automatically be imported from Streets 2 in Streets 3 and you can subsequently delete Streets 2.

Where To? + Streets

Where To? and Streets go well together. From Where To? you can switch to Streets to view Street View panoramas of restaurants, hotels, or other locations. From Streets, you can check for nearby shops and services in Where To? for any panorama you’re currently looking at.
If you bought just one of the apps so far, simply complete the Where To? + Streets bundle to add the other app at 1$/€ off1). And if you’re new to both apps, this bundle is the best way to discover the world using Where To? + Streets at a bargain!

1) The App Store calculates the “Complete My Bundle” price by subtracting the original price you paid for Streets 2 from the price of the bundle. If you bought Streets 2 at regular price, the Complete-my-Bundle price is roughly 50% off the price of the standalone Streets 3 app.

2) Discount applies if the other app was purchased at regular price.

Update, May 4, 2017: The upgrade bundle has been discontinued.

Since the very first version of Streets, our ambitious goal was to deliver the best Street View browser on iPhone and iPad – an app dedicated to discovering, navigating, storing, and sharing the popular 360° street level views.

After months of hard work, after having received great and valuable feedback from our beta testers, we’re finally shipping Streets 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.


Streets 3 features an all-new user interface fully optimized for iOS 9. We put a lot of effort into the panorama viewer. It’s not only more fluid and the perspective more realistic. We also improved how to navigate from panorama to panorama. The arrow buttons to step through panoramas oftentimes don’t cut it. So we invented a new, interactive and expandable mini map in the corner that lets you move to a new panorama easily. Street View coverage is indicated in blue, while businesses offering indoor panorama views are designated in orange.

Panoramas can now be viewed full-screen and marked as favorites that are automatically synced between devices.

Streets always included a list of Gallery Places, special locations you may never otherwise had a chance to experience. The new Gallery Browser lets you select from various categories such as Museums, Science and Technology, Monuments and more. Discover the breath-taking view at the Grand Canyon, take a peek at the Atlantis space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center, or view a masterpiece in Amsterdam’s van Gogh museum! Gallery places also include background information such as descriptions and links.

Streets For Apple WatchApple Watch App

Streets 3 also includes the world’s first Apple Watch app that lets you view full 360° panoramas right on your wrist. Just use the Digital Crown to navigate within a panorama. The watch app automatically syncs favorites and recent searches with the iPhone, so the latest Street Views are always available for viewing. Or you can start a search using your voice. The Gallery Browser is also available on the Apple Watch, offering the ability to view the various Gallery Places.

Features Galore

The features I described are just the tip of the iceberg. So for the curious, here’s the complete list of what’s new:

  • Complete optimization for iOS 9, including an all-new user interface
  • A new interactive mini map which makes it easier to walk through panoramas
  • Supports all iOS devices with their native resolution, including iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Split View and Slide Over support
  • Mark panoramas as favorites and automatically sync them between devices
  • Switch the map to terrain mode
  • Gallery Browser offers 1000+ Gallery Places that can be browsed by categories
  • Gallery Places now offer more information, such as descriptions and additional links
  • Spotlight surfaces street panoramas in the system-wide search
  • Handoff support allows easy transfer of the current panorama between iPad and iPhone
  • Siri can create reminders with Streets panorama links

And … Action!

Here’s a video of the new Streets 3 in action:

Launch Sale

Streets 3 is a new app on the App Store. That means: Existing users need to purchase the new app again. To accommodate all our loyal users (and early birds new to the app), Streets 3 is available for $0.99 until April 15 April 25. After that the price will go up to the standard $1.99.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about the new version! Check the Streets website and grab Streets 3 on the App Store now.

National Park of Plivitce Lakes, photo courtesy Ignacio García
Following up on my guest post on how to get affordable mobile Internet access in Croatia I’d like to expand on how to configure a BonBon SIM card for data access. BonBon is a virtual mobile carrier using the T-Mobile network and offers good coverage throughout Croatia at competitive rates.

BonbonHowever, activating a BonBon prepaid SIM card and booking a data plan on it is a bit complicated since it involves Croatian-only text messages. For those of you not fluent in Croatian, this guide might be helpful.

How to activate a BonBon SIM card?

You need a BonBon SIM card and a prepaid voucher (I recommend an 80 kn voucher: “bon 80”) that can be purchased in various shops and newsstands or ordered from the bonbon website (they ship to Croatian addresses). To order a BonBon SIM card ahead of time before traveling to Croatia there are offers on ebay.

  1. Send a text message with broj to the number 13977.
  2. You’ll receive a text message. Reply to it by typing 2.
  3. You’ll receive another message. Reply to it by typing DA.
  4. Now you should activate your SIM card by calling someone (preferably a Croatian number).
  5. Now redeem your voucher. The easiest way to do this: dial
    *123* <14 digit Cash-Code> #

    then press green button.

  6. Now to order a data plan, you can either call 097 0700 or use the following instructions to order via text message.

How to order the data option?

  1. Send a text message with HOCU to 13977
  2. Reply with 3 to order a data plan
  3. With the next text message we select the data plan:
    Odgovori na ovu poruku brojem velicine paketa koji zelis aktivirati: 1. Mali 2. Srednji 3. Veliki 4. Jako Veliki

    • reply 1 for 120 MB valid for 30 days
    • reply 2 for 800 MB valid for 30 days
    • reply 3 for 2.5 GB valid for 30 days
    • reply 4 for 5 GB valid for 30 days

    I recommend option 4 with 5 GB for 45 kn.

  4. Confirm the option by replying with DA:


Now your data option is booked und Internet should work.

Trazeno - ucinjeno! Aktivirao si paket Jako veliki internet, a naplaceno ti je 45 kn :). Paket ti vrijedi do 9.9.2014..

By the way: by texting STANJE to 13977 you can check your current data plan usage:

STANJE Nemas aktiviran paket razgovora. Nemas aktiviran SMS paket. Imas jos 5102,969MB. Nemas aktiviranu opciju 1000 bonbon minuta i SMS-ova :(

Thanks to Kristijan for helping me with instructions how to book the options. Since it’s all Croatian, it’s not that easy to find out!

Note by Ortwin: My thanks to Arnaud for sharing his experience about Croatian SIM cards. This is part of our ongoing series how to get 3G data access internationally. The original German version of this post appeared first on Arnaud’s blog.

Since a few months we’re working on a major new version of Streets, our Street View app for iPad and iPhone. Streets 3 has an all-new user interface, supports iPad Pro, Split View and Slide Over. We also added favorites, a gallery browser, more details for gallery places, Spotlight, Handoff, Siri support, and much more. And there will be an app for Apple Watch.

Streets 3 for iPhone

If you can’t wait to get a hold on Streets 3 and want to provide feedback, apply to our beta program!

Upgrade to Streets 3

Streets 3 will be a paid upgrade and is separate from the old version. We will offer an upgrade package similar to the way we offer it for Where To?. Streets 3 requires iOS 8 or newer and will seamlessly import recent places from Streets 2.

Streets 2 will continue to be available for older devices that can’t be updated to iOS 8 or 9. However, we no longer actively work on Streets 2 and concentrate our resources on Streets 3.


We have no release date to share yet. Depending on the feedback we receive during the beta and depending on Apple’s review time we’re currently targetting a release in the March/April timeframe.

In the meantime, check out the beta and let us know your feedback!

In Where To? 9.0.1 we fixed the retrieval of Google reviews for some listings and added several bugfixes.

Where To? on Pebble TimeIf you’re using the free Where To? companion app for Pebble on a Pebble Time or Pebble Time Steel, you’ll benefit from the updated version of the Pebble companion app. Where To? 1.1 for Pebble supports color on Pebble Time.

We are also making use of the new Bluetooth LE connectivity on Pebble OS 3.x (currently available only for Pebble Time). This is more battery-efficient and uses a dedicated communications channel for our app so the Bluetooth connection should be more stable. Due to the use of Bluetooth LE you’ll be presented a (somewhat surprising) alert asking for Bluetooth sharing permission when you connect for the first time. Please accept this alert. Essentially you’re permitting that the Pebble app may connect with the iPhone app via BTLE, even in the background. This allows you to keep the iPhone in your pocket while Pebble shows you the current direction and distance to your chosen destination.

Grab Where To? 9.0.1 from the App Store and – as always – consider leaving us a nice review! 🙂

Where To? 9

Over the past months we’ve been hard at work on Where To? adding some cool new features supporting iOS 9 goodness. Today, I’m very pleased to present to you the next major update of the app, Where To? 9.0!


First, you can now add reminders using Siri. Just open the details page of any place, then press and hold the home button to talk to Siri:

  • “Remind me about this” (German “Erinnere mich an dies hier”)
  • “Remind me about this place tomorrow” (German “Erinnere mich morgen an diesen Platz”)
  • “Remind me about this when I leave home” (German “Erinnere mich an dies wenn ich von daheim weggehe”)

You can experiment with the time and location conditions. Siri will automatically create a reminder in the iOS Reminders app, and link it to the place displayed in the Where To? app. This comes in handy if you always forget to pickup your clothes from dry cleaning, like me!

Where To? and Siri


Also new in Where To? 9 is its tight integration with the improved iOS 9 Spotlight search feature. You can now view content from Where To?, right inside iOS 9 Spotlight search. Spotlight will display categories, favorites, and last-shown places from the app.

A simple tap of the search result will instantly open Where To? and take you to the location’s entry. Alternatively you can start a turn-by-turn navigation in the Maps application by tapping the directions button.

Where To? and Spotlight

3D Touch

If you happen to be the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus you’ll love the new 3D Touch shortcut features of Where To? 9. You can access often-used features with just a firm press of your finger.

3D Touch shortcuts include:

  • Search Nearby: Immediately displays the search field
  • Your first favorite category, this defaults to “Any Restaurant”
  • Your most recently used category. For example: “Hospitals,” “Supermarkets,” etc.
  • Your most recently opened place. For example: “Yosemite,” “Disneyland,” etc.
3D Touch shortcuts in Where To?

Review Translation and Search Improvements

When you’re traveling abroad you’ll likely see reviews in foreign languages. You can now translate such reviews simply by tapping the little globe icon.

And when searching within the app you’ll see your matching favorite places as well. We also added hundreds of synonymous keywords for our categories – especially important when you dictate a search term via Siri on your iPhone or from the Apple Watch app.

Where To Review Translation

More Content and Suggest Edit

We added more than 150k landmarks, 250k mountain tops, 100k recycling facilities, 1.2m bus and train stops, and more worldwide.

Should you encounter any incorrect data it’s now easy to report it to us. Just hit “Suggest Edit” and tell us in the form what’s wrong. Closed or duplicate places, wrong categories or opening hours – just let us know and we’ll look into it.

Where To: More Content and Suggest Edit

99¢ for a Limited Time

Where To? SaleIf you’re an existing Where To? 7.x or 8.x user the update is free for you. If you’re still on an older version or not on board yet, now’s your chance to get it and save 66% as it’s on sale for just 0,99 $/€. Go grab it!

Update: Where To? jumped to #1 in the German App Store top paid charts. Thanks for your love!

9% Apple Watch users

9% of all current Where To? users also have an Apple Watch and ran Where To? for Apple Watch at least once. That’s what our backend statistics show. We’re surprised by this high number just 3 months after the Apple Watch launch!

Where To For Apple Watch

If we put this in relation to the 350 million iPhones sold since 20141 that would result in an astonishing 31 million Apple Watches sold!

Of course I know this comparison is flawed in a number of ways 2 so the share of Apple Watch owners amongst Where To? users is certainly much larger than in the overall market. Nevertheless, the number is fascinating and encouraging!

If you have an Apple Watch and haven’t yet tried out Where To?, I encourage you to do so, too. And we’ll be closer to 10% soon! 😉

  1. Apple doesn’t reveal sales numbers for individual iPhone generations. So we’re forced to estimate: The first Apple Watch-compatible iPhone, the iPhone 5, was introduced in 09/2012. Since Apple also sells older models in any given timeframe, this timeframe is a conservative estimate of all Apple Watch-compatible iPhones in the market today. ↩︎

  2. First, Where To? for Apple Watch is featured on the Apple Watch App Store. Second, I assume users buying apps are generally more likely to buy relatively expensive gadgets like Apple Watch. ↩︎

Where To? 8.0.3

In Where To? 8.0.3 we improved the search backend leading to more, better and faster search results – Yay! In the last update we partly broke TomTom and Navmii interoperability – sorry for that! It works fine again now.

On the interoperability side, we also added support to get directions with Citymapper, HERE and Yandex Navigator.

As always, we’d be super-grateful if you take a minute and rate the app. Your 5 stars mean a lot to us! 😉

Where To? 8.0.2

We added several accepted payment cards for premium listings in Europe and fixed interoperability problems with a number of 3rd party directions apps. Also, we resolved a theoretical security issue involving authentication via Facebook and improved stability for future iOS versions 😉 . We improved VoiceOver support to aid the visually impaired.

Grab Where To? 8.0.2 from the App Store!

In this update we refined the Apple Watch app introduced in 8.0. We now display the distance instead of the address in favorite places or search results. This gives you a better idea which places are near or more far away. The Glance now shows the last viewed place, no matter whether it was opened on the iPhone or the watch. Handoff from Apple Watch to iPhone now works for all screens and allows you to see the currently viewed watch screen on the iPhone.

We also squished a fair amount of bugs in this update, affecting both the watch and the iPhone app. Finally, Allryder is now Ally and Navfree is Navmii.

As always, we’d be super-grateful if you take a minute and rate the app. Your 5 stars keep us going! 😉

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