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The wait is over. After two weeks in review plus another week for a 1.0.1 bug fix release, our new app is finally available on the App Store! So what is it all about?

Do you yearn for the days of Street View in iOS 5? “Flyover” in iOS 6 is certainly impressive but sometimes you want a closer look.

Welcome to Street View, the all new app for iPhone and iPad.

In this app we focused on a Street View implementation that stays true to the original iOS 5 Maps app. If you loved Street View back in the days of iOS 5, you’ll feel right at home!

Integrated with Maps

But we went one step further: You can launch Street View directly from the iOS 6 Maps app for any location. It is supported like any other 3rd party app. Just tap the bus icon in the Maps app, and the road is yours! When you’re done viewing the panorama, return to the Maps app with a single tap on the back button. If you’re already using Where To?, you can take advantage of the same tight bidirectional integration.

In the mood to explore the world? – The integrated 300+ gallery panoramas have you covered! They showcase museums, ski resorts, theme parks and even underwater destinations. There are even indoor panoramas with multiple floor levels to make it easy to find your way around museums and more!

Curious about the details? Check our Street View page and grab it from the App Store for just 99¢!

Available on the App Store

A new Where To? update is available. We fixed several little issues:

  • Fixed Sygic integration
  • Fixed permission prompt when access to Contacts is needed
  • Fixed issues with enhanced US business listings (Yext PowerListings+)
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements
Vote for Where To? – Discover your next destination using GPS for Best Travel App

Now, before you head over to the App Store and grab the update, let me call your attention on this year’s Best App Ever Awards where you can honor the best apps with your vote. Where To? is nominated in four different categories and we’d be thrilled if you vote for us in all of them!

Thanks so much for your support! :-)

Where To PowerListings+Today, I’d like to give you an update on Where To? enhanced listings. The number of places with rich details such as dinner menus, photos, description texts, business hours, accepted payment cards, spoken languages, service areas, Facebook and Twitter profiles is growing rapidly! More than 550,000 US locations already have enhanced listings.

Starting today, we take the next step by adding menus with pictures, events, biographies, product and service listings to selected US locations.


If you’re a local business aiming to make use of these extended profile options, I recommend visiting the site of our partner Yext. They’ve introduced their revamped PowerListings+ service today. Watch the video (including the Where To? cameo appearance at the 1:57 time mark) to learn more.

And the best? All this is included in the current Where To? 6.0 – no update required!

Today, I’m excited to present you an early christmas present: another major Where To? update hits the App Store. I hope you enjoy the new features as much as we do!


Directions in Where To?We’ve integrated directions right within the app. Just select a pin and tap the directions button in the toolbar. You can choose from car, bike or pedestrian routing. The route, sometimes with alternatives, is displayed on the map or in textual form. You can also share the directions via email with your friends. Directions are automatically recalculated if you’re leaving the route.

Of course, the integrated directions don’t replace but complement the much beloved feature of working with third party navigation apps. Where To? has been the first app back in 2009 to introduce support for external navigation apps and with Where To? 6.0 we’re taking this to a new level. We doubled the number of supported apps to 37. This doesn’t even include the numerous country specific versions of apps like Navigon and TomTom. To easier select the suitable app, we’ve revamped the selection browser. It shows the installed apps on top and compatible apps from the App Store below. The rating and price is shown as well. If you’re familiar with the third party app selection in Maps app, you’ll feel at home immediately.

Among the newly added apps are much requested apps like Garmin, CoPilot Live and Skobbler as well as a huge selection of public transport apps for various cities and countries all over the world:

New directions apps

Connection with Audi

Audi mmi connect iconIf you’re the owner of a new Audi A3 introduced last month, you can even send your destinations to the car navigation system: Select your destination conveniently in Where To?, send it to your Audi via the Audi MMI connect app (currently available in Germany, only), turn the key and start driving!

Launch from Maps

Launch from mapsWe’ve also revamped our integration with Maps app. When launched from Maps, the directions are displayed immediately. This is especially useful for bike directions since Maps doesn’t offer this. The destination’s map bubble is shown if Where To? finds the business location – so you can compare details such as reviews (including from Google users), dinner menus and more. Otherwise you can add the destination as a contact. The share menu allows to share directions via email or the clipboard, launch other navigation apps (there are a fair number of apps that can’t be launched from Maps, so Where To? can act as a gateway) or search at the destination.

We hope you’ll like the changes in Where To? 6.0 and download the update today! As always: Don’t forget to rate the app again since ratings are reset with every update. If you’ve any feedback, we’re glad to hear from you in the comments or on the contact page. Thanks for your support and merry xmas everyone!


Ortwin receives the award from Marco Benninghaus, Deutsche Telekom

Where To? scores again! This time, the app has been named “Best German iPhone App 2012“. The award is given by the iPhone Developer Conference in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and the web & mobile developer magazine.

We feel honored and are delighted to receive this recognition as well as the prize of a Nokia Lumia 820 LTE and a € 100 Developer Garden voucher!

We also congratulate the other winners Stuffle and Vamos!

BoschWe’re happy to announce that with today’s update of Bosch Navigation (1.6), Where To? is now compatible. Available in seven different versions for western European countries, Bosch Navigation can be launched from Where To? for turn-by-turn voice directions. Until the end of the week the app is on sale for €20 off (€29.99 instead of €49.99).

In our last update unfortunately we introduced a bug that affected the TomTom and Navfree integration. We’ve now released a maintenance update of Where To? fixing these and a few other small issues.

Except this little faux-pas Where To? apparently struck a chord with iOS 6 users being affected by the deficiencies of Apple’s new Maps app. As Mel Martin from TUAW writes:

The app can’t cure all the issues with Apple Maps, but it certainly dramatically expands local search. Since I find Apple Maps to be a solid navigator in my part of Arizona, Where To? and Apple Maps are a good marriage.

Speaking of Maps app, we really appreciate Apple’s openness on the issue. We’re working hard to fill the gap with Where To? and have a lot of new stuff in the pipeline for you!

The new Maps app in iOS 6 received a lot of flack from the media and blogosphere. Users are complaining that information is incorrect, and points of interest (POIs) are missing. In iOS 6 Apple moves away from Google data and uses Yelp for business listings and reviews. While Yelp is nice for restaurants in the US, other categories and other regions such as Europe aren’t covered well. Since Google provides much more results all over the world in many different categories, we’re relying – amongst others – on proven Google search results.

Let’s say I’m searching for bank branches: Why should I care about a result in 22 km if I’m stumbling upon dozens of not-shown bank branches while driving there? To illustrate my point we’ve compared various search requests in “Maps” and Where To?. In almost all cases “Maps” shows fewer, more far away results:

We’re searching in Middletown, CT, a typical small US town. “Maps” finds two results, Where To? 13!

“Maps” only finds one result vs. 16 in Where To?.

The difference is not as frappant but still noticeable.

Searching for banks at our office location near Munich, Germany: The closest result in “Maps” is 22 km away – and not even a bank!

2 vs. 18 results. Note, ”Japonais“ is not the right name of the restaurant.


We’re searching for gas stations while on a highway in Italy, near Florence. “Maps” finds not a single result.

Launch from “Maps”

Last mile navigationThere are great improvements in iOS 6, too: The new always-crisp vector-based maps are a step forward in my opinion (although I personally dislike the low-contrast color scheme). And the Maps app learned to launch specialized apps from the App Store (“last mile navigation”).

Where To? is now one of them. It allows a local Where To? search at the chosen destination, displays reviews and speaks the direction and distance using VoiceOver for the visually impaired. Please note, the last mile navigation feature in “Maps” is available in routing mode under the (somewhat misleading) bus icon.

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support

The Where To? 5.2 update also fully supports iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5 without letter boxing. The bigger screen is quite handy to display a larger part of the map or in Augmented Reality mode.


Turkey flag mapNo matter if you’re living in Turkey or going on a trip to Istanbul: Where To? (Nereye?) now speaks Turkish and offers optimized search results for Turkey. My huge thanks go to Ozan Basaran and Kilichan Kaynak of AppBull, who did a great job with the Turkish localization. AppBull provides all the necessary help in marketing international apps mainly in Turkey, Caucasia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

For our German users, we added support for public transport routing using the free “FahrInfo” series of apps: In Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Dresden and Constance the fastest connections including the walk to and from the station can be displayed. If needed, the suitable FahrInfo app can be installed right from within the app.

Go download the update from the App Store now. And, if you don’t mind, renew or post your rating – thanks!

New navigation appsIn the newest Where To? update there’s something in for everyone:

SkypeiPod touch users will love to call businesses from Where To? using Skype without any copy & paste hassle. Just tap the call button and choose Skype. This requires Skype credit (affiliate link) and calling rates start from 2.3 ¢ per minute for standard prepaid accounts.

US and down-under users get support for three more navigation apps: MetroView Australia and New Zealand, Telenav, AT&T Navigator (use the Telenav icon in Where To?) are now supported as well.

Contacts linkSaving Where To? locations as address book contacts is great for often visited locations. Some users love that feature in order to use Siri to access these locations. In Where To? 5.1 we add a back link to each created contact that opens the Where To? app right to the page of the location. From there you can easily start a turn-by-turn navigation, view the menu etc.

More new features in Where To? 5.1:

  • International calling: country prefix is used when calling an out-of-country business
  • iCloud sync of favorites is more instantaneous
  • Improved launch time
  • Improved scrolling performance
  • Numerous bug fixes, partly for the next version of iOS (yes, we’ll be ready for the launch of iOS 6!)

Go grab the update from the App Store now (and don’t forget to rate again – thanks!).

Where To? APIIn our recent Where To? 5.0 update, we introduced an API that lets other apps use Where To? to search for places nearby or at any given location.

Now, we’ve sighted the first two apps implementing the API in the wild: ;-)

Launch Center Action ComposerLaunch Center Pro

Launch Center ProLaunch Center Pro by App Cubby allows to define shortcuts for various actions in all kinds of apps, system apps as well as apps from the App Store. For instance, you can launch Tweetbot right to the compose window or to view your DMs.

Adding a Where To? shortcut to Launch Center Pro is easy:

  • In the Action Composer, select Where To?, then either “Launch Where To?” for just opening the app or “Search” to type in a “Name” and a “Query”.
  • “Query” can be any category or brand in Where To? or just a free search term. For instance, I used “Any Restaurant” as the query for the “Food” shortcut. “Starbucks” and “Bank of America” use the same term as the query.
  • Finally you may want to customize the icon by selecting different background colors and icons.

Where To? will automatically search for the specified query term at your current location. If you want to search at a particular custom location, you can append ”&location=x.xx,x.xx” to the predefined URL, where x.xx,x.xx is the latitude,longitude of the location.

Thanks to @drbarnard for the super-quick addition to Launch Center Pro!

Objective-Cologne AppObjective-Cologne

ObjCGN IconObjective-Cologne is the companion app for the upcoming Cocoa/Objective-C conference in Cologne. Besides the classic ingredients of a conference app (schedule, speaker introductions) it offers background information about the location.

Using the Where To? API, hotels, public transport stations, restaurants and bars in the surrounding of the conference venue can be searched. “Location Details” opens the conference venue itself in Where To? which comes in handy to get turn-by-turn driving directions using 3rd party navigation apps, to call them or to share the location via email, text or social networks.

The app automatically detects whether Where To? is installed and offers to download it from the App Store if not.

Btw: If you’re a Cocoa developer in Europe and have a free slot on Sept. 11-12, be sure to check out ObjCGN! I’ll hold a talk there as well, about “UIAppearance – possibilities and beyond”, and I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot of fun! Thanks to my friend & coworker @StuFFmc for the API integration!

Your App!

Please feel free to support the Where To? API in your own app and let us know. We’ll continue to showcase well made integrations here.